Monday, July 24, 2017

"I'm Too Fat To Work Out"

Have you ever felt completely uncomfortable in your own body?  Like every fat roll has a life of it's own, you constantly tug at your clothing trying to hide it from the rest of the world, all the while knowing that it's impossible to hide?

Do you feel terrified by the idea of going into a gym or going running outside?

A lot of people have come into my gym and told me "I'm too fat to work out... people look at me like I don't belong here."  And "I feel really self-conscious when I run... like people who see me wonder why a fat person is running."

These thought patterns have probably come to most of us at some point in our lives.  When I was at my heaviest, I felt incredibly self-conscious at the gym.  I felt like there were all these beautiful people around me with amazing bodies, and I didn't fit in.  But I don't want anyone else to feel that way.  To me, it's all about perspective.

We all start from somewhere.. and what is important, is that you are stepping in the right direction for your own health and well-being.  When I see an obese or overweight person in the gym, I am so happy to see them there!  To me, that tells me they are doing exactly what the rest of us in the gym are doing... they are working hard at their own health and fitness goals.  And when I see ANYONE running along the road, I am excited to know that there are people out there taking care of themselves!

Are there jerks out there who will put others down to feel better about themselves? Sure.  But for the most part, most people are so worried about their own lives and their own problems, they probably don't even notice the people around them.  Most people aren't sitting around waiting to judge you.  

So if you are afraid of the gym because you feel self-conscious, this is my message to you:

Love yourself.  No one else matters.  Nobody else's opinion matters.  What matters is that you love yourself enough to get control of your life.  If you want to stop feeling bad about how you look, do something about it.  Get in the gym.  Take control of your nutrition.  Take control of your life.  And if you feel like those big box gyms are too much of a meat market, join a small gym or hire a trainer to come to your house and change your LIFE!!!

I love you all and I want you all to be happy.  IF you need anything.. help with ANYTHING... call me, text me, email me and I will be here for you.

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