Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eating Healthy When You Don't Have Time To Cook

It can be incredibly difficult to eat healthy.  For me, it's usually a combination of the convenience factor (meaning I really hate cooking because it takes a lot of time and clean-up) and not really knowing what to make.

This is where I have come to terms with myself, and when I am struggling with healthy eating, sometimes the only way is to get healthy food that's already been made.  I am a full-time college student right now (about to graduate), as well as a mom, and a Personal Trainer.  I am constantly busy either working, doing homework, or making sure I don't miss my daughter's childhood.

Here are some of the options I have tried, that have worked really well, or at least a little bit for me.

Meal Prep:

This worked for me when I was really religious about it and had a little bit of time on Sundays to plan and purchase the ingredients.  I was able to make breakfasts and dinners really easily and it lasted all of 1 week.

Ingredient/Recipe Delivery Services:

I tried both HelloFresh!  and Blue Apron.  I loved both, but I'm going to be honest here, I liked Hello Fresh more.  I'm not sure why.. maybe it was the recipes, or the fact that it took me about an hour to an hour and a half to make the Blue Apron meals, whereas the Hello Fresh meals were a lot more simple and took between 15 and 30 minutes on average.  They were both pretty expensive, my meals were averaging about $10 per person once my initial coupon wore off.  I do want to add, however, that all the meals I made from both companies TASTED amazing!!!

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen is by far the easiest way of getting healthy meals in without it taking a lot of time.  They even have an App and a delivery option through Uber.  Today I ordered my meals for the first time and am currently waiting on my first delivery.  Usually, I just go into the store, pick out enough meals for about 3-4 days, and then go back again later.  The meals average between $8-$10 per meal, but in this case, you're also paying for the lack of prep time and cooking time... which seems like the best deal since the Hello Fresh and Blue Apron options cost just as much if not more, and required a lot of work.

What I love about Snap kitchen is that you get a lot of options that work if you have any food allergies or dietary limitations.  They list on every meal any allergens, as well as whether it has dairy, is paleo friendly, etc.  The packaging also shows the important macronutrients in large font so that I can quickly scan for foods that will fit better in my macros counting.  And did I mention that the food is really good?  Now, don't get me wrong, this is not candy nor is it restaurant high-calorie good, but it is clean and delicious tasting.  They use great flavors and I have never ever left any food uneaten because I didn't like it.  I only go there because I enjoy the food and I want to eat healthier choices than a burger or fast food.

I also sometimes get the pre-prepped HEB meals, like their chicken with asparagus, that you cook in the oven.  Super simple and no prep time either.  Those run from $5-$10 although I usually get the $6 meal.

If you are struggling to eat healthy and want a sure-fire way to get in healthy calories, check out these options and decide for yourself.  And if you want $10 off your first Snap Kitchen order (It has to be ON THE APP), use this promo code: CHAR-RZM.

I have not been paid by nor asked to write this article by any of the companies listed above.  I simply want you to know my personal experiences with them and give you options that have worked for me.