Saturday, August 27, 2011

Healthy, Fullfilling Lunch Recipe

Looking for a healthy and delicious recipe? Try mine! I adapted a vegan friend's recipe to fit my own carnivorous needs, and came up with something I like to call Crack! Be careful... it's addictive! This is perfect for those watching their carbs and starches! Leave out the sweet potatoes if you are...


All veggies possibly going bad soon and/or:

yellow pepper

red pepper

orange pepper (organic if possible)

1 package of organic turkey dogs

1 package of organic beef hot dogs

basil leaves (I grow my own)

2 giant mushroom caps (portabello)

1 white sweet potato (small)

garlic (minced or powdered)

1 small knife full of butter

**This is a lot of food feel free to make less, I just cook it all up in a GIANT skillet and save leftovers for the week.


1.) dice the peppers (I keep them largish)

2.) dice the sweet potato

3.) cut the mushroom caps into bite-size pieces

4.) slice the turkey and hot dogs into bite size pieces

5.) get a giant skillet, put it over your biggest burner, and crank it up to high. Melt the butter and throw in the minced or powdered garlic.

6.) Start with the hot dogs, brown both sides of the slices. Toss in some basil leaves ( I don't even bother shredding them)

7.) Add the sweet potato, it takes longer to soften

8.) Add the mushrooms

9.) Add the peppers

10.) Add anything that hasn't been added yet (extra veggies perhaps)

11.) stir around a lot, leave the lid on and let it all soften.

12.) Eat when the sweet potatoes are done!